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This website is for other things too, but this post has tweets.  Some of my tweets have a personal back story, like this property I once looked after at Glenelg in South Australia, which cats and men thought offered public toilet facilities next to its driveway –



I still laugh about that – happened at a friend’s house many years ago.



LOL I still identify with marijuana culture to some extent, but gave it up ironically about the time it became legal in some places.





There was a cool live streaming app called Meerkat which got millions in startup funds, but then twitter cut them from its graph and started its own app Periscope, which doesn’t have the same great community feel.

I’ll get back into streaming, but not bands, which was my thing for a time, and gave a bigger audience to struggling Aussie musicians.


Live Stream by phone

Naomi Keyte

Australian singer songwriter.











vacuousman quits his day job















Dingo got my burger